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Fishing run is a local multiplayer platformer race game in which you have to outrun your opponent to win.

The goal is to reach the end of the level before the other player. Using your fishing rod, speed boost, your skills and throwing fishes in your opponent's face.
When a player dies, he responds instantly and his corpse stays behind, in which the player will use to help him to pass the spikes. Creating bridges of your corpse to cross deadly traps.


Maxime Gaulier: Project Manager

Florian Jauffrineau: Project Manager

Antoine Adan: Graphic Artist 

Guillaume Moge: Game Designer 

Adrien Delahaye: Game Designer 

Zoé Wingardin: Game Designer

Baptiste Barreyre: Sound Designer / Game Designer 

Dorian Gélas: Game Developper

Alexis Girardey: Lead Game Developper 

Hugo Benrabia: Game Developper


This game was created during a  game jam week. We are students, be free to give us feedbacks about the game. Thanks !


FishingRun1.0.zip 23 MB

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